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Twisted Scars

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To be the Hero, he must first become a Villain…

Wren and Misha have disappeared, leaving Darshan behind with nothing but questions. Determined to take over his father’s position as Caretaker, Darshan does everything he can to prove his worth, including training the next generation of Psi at their boarding school. But while he’s working at the school, a new threat comes to the Psi house. 

His mother.

She’s determined to arrange a marriage for his sister, Jyoti, but Darshan will do anything in his power to keep that from happening. Even if it means proving his loyalty by hunting down his best friend and the woman he loves. Splitting his time between searching for his friends and working with the gifted Psi children at the school, Darshan soon finds his beliefs challenged and his loyalties tested. Things don’t add up, and he’s no longer sure who the real threat is.

With so many lives in the balance, Darshan has to choose who to protect and who to sacrifice. But he soon realizes that selling his soul might be the steep price he has to pay to protect those he loves.

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