Deadly Scars Release Pushed back to 2022

Due to the pandemic and the needs of my family shifting I will be pushing back the release of Deadly Scars (book 4 in the Scars of Days Forgotten series) until the beginning of 2022. The pre-orders on most major retailers will remain and the release date will change. But for those who have pre-ordered on Amazon those pre-orders will be cancelled. Unfortunately because I won't be making the planned release date Amazon won't allow me to put the next book up for pre-order so if you use kindle you won't be able to purchase Deadly Scars until it releases.

I'm sorry if this is disappointing for anyone. My family is always my first priority and right now we are needing to shift some things around for the short term to take care of everyones metal and emotional health in the long term. This also means that you'll be getting my best work from me. I want the books I put out to be worth your time, which means I want to be doing my best. And right now with the way life is I don't feel I have the space or time to do my best work.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support. I really appreciate you and the support you've shown my books. You can still pre-order Deadly Scars on most other major eBook retailers that aren't Amazon. And it is coming, I promise :).

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