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Coming December 2020!

This is just a quick short post to let you all know that Hidden Scars, book two in the Scars of Days Forgotten Series, will be available December 17. 2020!

Add it to your 'Want to read' on Goodreads here and pre-order on Amazon here.

Below is a closer look at the beautiful cover as well as the book blurb :).


War is coming.

Wren's been pulled into a world of secrets and deception. The step-sister she didn't know she had is the leader of a global Resistance and Wren's friends are trapped on the opposite side.

As she tries to find her place in this new world, Wren's forced to witnesses first hand the brutality that Wesley and the Psi Council are capable of. No one is out of their reach. No one is safe.

When the man she's falling in love with is taken captive, Wren must be willing risk everything to get him back. Even herself.

Don't miss out on this supernatural conspiracy surrounding Wren and her friend and uncover their fates by Pre-ordering today!

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