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A Secret About Misha

As a writer, I'm what you might call a plantser. Basically I'm a hybrid between someone who plans and outlines every detail of their book and someone who goes by the seat of their pants and pretty much plans nothing. I like to have a general plan for where the book needs to go and what major things need to happen but how I get there is totally open. The reason I'm bringing this up is that sometimes things go waaay off course. In my case, it meant that the entire series ends up making a sharp turn into uncharted territory.

One of the ways this has happened is with Misha. If you've read my book Forgotten Scars you know that Misha is one of my main characters. He plays a pretty big part in the book and he is one of the major players in book two. But when I first started writing Forgotten Scars Misha was meant to be a side character who didn't really bring that much to the story besides the fact that he was one of Darshan's best friends. Things changed when I fell in love with Misha and his character. I really loved writing him and I wasn't ready to let that go. So, that means the series is the way it is because of Misha. If he didn't play as big of a role as he currently does things would have looked a lot different :).

In book two, Hidden Scars, Misha will be playing an even bigger role and I'm really excited for you guys to get to know him a bit better. We learn more about who he is and where he comes from. We also see a side of him that we didn't see much in book one. And as it happens, things in book two changed so that once again the trajectory of the series is altered just a bit. But you'll have to wait to find out what changed later ;).

The Artwork in this post is some beautiful character art I recently had the opportunity to get made by a very talented artist. If you are interested in seeing more of her work check out her Instagram page here.

And to pre-order Hidden Scars click here!

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